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Andrew Carnegie the humble broski

As requested by the lovely shakespeareaninsults, here is the story of Andrew Carnegie as told by axeltheflurry.

Axel: Andrew Carnegie is a hero of mine- one of the men who’s name is in the Carnegie Melon university in Pittsburgh. He was a poor boy born in Scottland and came to America as a child with his mother and siblings. He couldn’t afford, being the oldest or one of the oldest kids(don’t remember doesn’t matter) to go to school, or to get any kind of formal education. So he educated himself when he had the time. As a young lad he took on a few apprenticeships, but not nearly in the field he became famous for. You might have heard of Carnegie Steel. Andrew Carnegie is the businessman who founded the company, and is the reason Pennsylvania is a steel exporter to this day- the reason the football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. He knew nothing of how the machines worked, nothing of steelworking, nothing of how to shape the metal into the I-beams he sold so heavily and shipped from coast to coast. So how did he start a steeling company? With his mouth.

Me: He sounds like the average businessman.

Axel: He’s not, and heres why. He was a boy. A young boy, when he got it off the ground, and he started with his apprenticeships. If someone asked him something, he’d go, he’d learn about it, he’d come back and spout everything about it. He’d spend time by himself learning things, in their most basic forms, to talk about it at events. He learned how to speak to sound as if he knew what he was talking about. Unlike most businessmen, he knew he didn’t. He knew he wasn’t as smart as he claimed and it haunted him.

Me: Now he sounds like the humble broski who made it big.

Axel: But he made it because of this, Whenever he got nervous meeting some new, big, fancy person of importance -remember, he was still a poor Scottish farm boy- he stood straight, looked them in the eye, faked all the confidence in the world, trained his voice not to shake, though it did at first, and eventually, half through the night, he wouldn’t have to fake it anymore, didn’t need to try. Because he was comfortable, he’d already earned the respect he needed. Thats exactly what he is, a “humble broski,” as you put it.

Me: We all have a humble broski inside us.

Take the time to look up at the sky from time to time and feel the world around you

After hearing the story of Andrew Carnegie from axeltheflurry I’ve decided that we all have a humble broski inside of us


"I don’t like being told what to do unless I"m following a crochet pattern."


Professor: Your essay must be 3,000 - 6,000 words

Me: image

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turn on: when all my coloring pencils are sharpened and pointy

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if i ever start a band i’m going to name it “music” and then it will be literally impossible to find any of our songs on the internet

the first album : “Unknown album”

the hit single: “track 1”

album art


Some people wanna watch the world burn

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Tiger gets a bad baby tooth removed

When a tiger’s first response to having a tooth yanked is not a roar, snarl or swipe with claws, but a test nibble to check that its mouth works as well as it suddenly feels, it speaks volumes about how much the bad tooth* must have hurt.
*You can see, briefly, that it’s black and nasty on the inner side. Yuck.

poor baby

I’m just awed by the amount of trust in this gif. That tiger totally trusts that the human is going to help with that scary metal object on an already painful area and the human totally trusts that the tiger is just test nibbling and not chomping down on his arm. I flinch when a house cat comes at me too fast and these two don’t even hesitate to trust each other.


Moth pit

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Imagine that at the end of Dumbledore’s speech at the beginning of the year, he asks if there are any questions, and one first year muggleborn kid raises his hand, whips out a smart phone and asks for the wifi password.

And then Dumbledore just casually says “Sherbet lemon, with a capital S”, and commences the feast like it’s no big deal while the non-muggleborns think WIFI is some sort of secret society.

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